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Lorie L. Solay - Neuroscience-Based Mindset Coach

Award-Winning Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, PSYCH-K Facilitator

I help entrepreneurs outsmart stress, so they can achieve with ease. It’s my mission to help purpose-driven, entrepreneurs achieve their goals, without having to make a choice between professional success and personal happiness. Using powerful, neuroscience-based tools and strategies, I help entrepreneurs make mental shifts, so they can perform at peak levels, while having fun, and enjoying life.

What My Clients Are Saying

About the amazing successes we've created together

Arthur Brito

I once described Lori Solay as a sorceress, but that was inaccurate. Her brilliant work in hypnotherapy has nothing to do with magic, but rather hard science. It is this fact that got me, a lifelong skeptic and cynic, to even set foot into her office...


Lee Richter

Lori is an amazing healer and a beautiful person. While going through life, it is wonderful to have such great support helping me be my best. Lori's passion and expertise with visualization and hypnosis helps me reframe old patterns of thinking.

CEO, Montclair Veterinary Hospital

Keren Barukh

Working with Lori has allowed me to tap into a calm that I didn't think reachable. I wasn't looking to solve or overcome anything specific, and yet, just talking with Lori helped me to better understand certain thought patterns I would have and how to reprogram them.

Jewelry Designer & Artist, Keren Creations

My Services

Whether you are looking for business or personal support, I am here for you

Business Support

Are you a company that strives to support its employees to improve their personal and professional life? Stress costs U.S. businesses an estimated $300 Billion dollars a year. With cutting-edge neuroscience based strategies, I can help your employees and management teams outsmart stress. This results in heightened creativity, and increased productivity and focus. Your employees are worth the investment.

Personal Development

How would you like to be able to access high-energy states that unlock infinite possibilities in your life? What if you could open up vast internal resources that help you clear limiting beliefs and artificial barriers to success in just minutes? It’s absolutely possible. You can learn cutting-edge, strategies and techniques to quickly shift your mindset, and create space for an abundant, new reality.

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