What Do Reese Witherspoon And Kendall Jenner Have In Common?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do? Do you suffer from self-doubt, constantly worrying about how you’re going to handle it all? It’s hard to imagine that the rich and famous people, those who we think have it all, can suffer from the same emotional pain, self-doubt and rumination as we do. This week, two articles caught my eye. Especially since the topics of anxiety, fear, worry, and overwhelm are what I help my clients through day in and day out.

It might surprise you that both Reese Witherspoon, and Kendal Jenner struggle with fear and anxiety. Reese opened up about feeling fear every day. The way she handles it is to give herself a pep talk. She says to herself, “Sometimes I just have to jump two feet into a cold pool and go, ‘Ok, I believe in myself enough, I know I work hard. I know I can always bet on myself.” This is a great strategy, and in NLP it can be considered “parts” work.

You have many parts. There’s a part of you that wants to get going, be productive, accomplish goals. Then there’s another part of you that wants to slow down, rest, and recoup from a busy day. One of the presuppositions I’ve learn from my excellent teachers is – behind every action is a positive intention.

If you stop and think about what each part of you wants, you’ll realize it’s attempting to get something positive for you. And, when you resolve the conflict between each of your parts, you’ll realize that they each were attempting to get the same thing for you.

Try this Exercise. Next time you find that you feel very conflicted, stop and take a break. Take a few moments to calm yourself down, get in touch with your intuition, and ask each part what it wants for you. Example: You might hear that the part that’s driving you with a whip to succeed, wants you to be successful. Well, successful is a big word. What does successful mean? How will you know when you’re successful? What do you get to be, do or have when you’re successful? Then ask the other part what it wants? Compare the two wants and desires, and you might find that the underlying desire is the same.

[Interesting Note. Health is the prime directive of your deeper mind. If you want to achieve a goal, tie it to a health-related outcome, and watch your motivation soar]

Kendall’s story is a little different. She struggles with anxiety, because she has so much going on. She admits to getting really worked up, trying to juggle it all. Sound familiar?

I don’t watch the Kardashians, or reality TV, but the article I read was written after Kendall and her mom were talking about her anxiety on the show. It really sounded like a loving conversation, and the family seems to really stick together. Kendall is very fortunate to have the support.

One of the more profound parts of their conversation was that she admitted to not taking the time to process all that’s happened to her, and her family. Remember the big story about Kim getting robbed? Then Kendall was robbed. I can totally empathize. I’ve had my house broken into more than once, and robbed to me means there was a gun involved.

The emotional loss of safety is crushing. What she did declare for herself was to talk about it. Get it out. Allow the emotions to come to the surface. In my experience, I find that at the core of anxiety is fear. In the article, she felt a sense of relief just opening up to her mom about how she hasn’t stopped. She’s allowing her brain to slow down, think about it, and process it.

Extra Bonus Points: What Kendall also learned was to create some self-care rituals to cope with stress and anxiety. Some of her rituals include:

  1. Sound bathing. I love this one. Sound healing through singing bowls for example, is an ancient healing technique that’s been coming back into fashion.
  2. Acupuncture. This also is an ancient healing technique that helps to balance the energy in our system through energy meridians and chakras.
  3. Meditation. Perfect for slowing the brain down, and there’s science that supports the biological benefits for the brain and body. I love that hypnosis is like meditation, in that is slows down the brainwaves, and synchronizes the two halves of the brain.

I was really happy to come across these two articles, and I hope my take on Reese and Kendall’s experiences have helped you in some way, because my mission is to help people through difficult times of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Sending you blessings. Carpe Diem!

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