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Arthur Brito

Arborealis Landscape Design

“I once described Lori Solay as a sorceress, but that was inaccurate. Her brilliant work in hypnotherapy has nothing to do with magic, but rather hard science. It is this fact that got me, a lifelong skeptic and cynic, to even set foot into her office. After only two sessions, I have experienced tremendous positive results and personal growth. Lori has helped me to shed unwarranted guilt and stifling frustration. And most amazingly, she even helped me to find empathy where previously there had been none. Lori Solay’s skills as a hypnotherapist, as well as her warmth, sincerity, and generosity have helped me to reset years of patterned thoughts and behavior, and I am already on a path to a much happier and healthier life. Thank you, Lori.”

Lee Richter

Montclair Veterinary Hospital

Holistic Veterinary Care

Richter Communications

“Lori is an amazing healer and a beautiful person.
While going through life, it is wonderful to have such great support helping me be my best.

Lori’s passion and expertise with visualization and hypnosis helps me reframe old patterns of thinking.

I feel like I get a brain reset and an attitude reset into positivity when I see her. It is powerful work! I recommend Lori to anyone who wants to create positive action in their life.”

Dr. Matt Green

Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center

“Just had a tremendously wonderful session with Lori.  The NLP plus the hypnosis is a dynamic duo.  Lori has such an amazing ability to have me feel totally welcomed and listened to.  I’ve done my share of transformational weekends.  I am feeling that feeling I usually have at the end of those weekends after just a 1.5 hour session yesterday.  It felt like she knows how to access the mapping of my conscious mind to access the mapping of my unconscious patterns to make them appear to me so that I can see them, right in front of me.  The impact of that was that I saw how I made the decisions I have made around money since childhood and I decided to make some new ones…that will empower me instead.  Hows that?!”

Michele Duffy

Mandala Feng Shui

“Lori Solay & Solay Creative rock! Lori’s personable, kind & knowledgeable NLP approach guides her lucky clients to discover their own creatively designed shifts in perception, perspective & outlook. If you need a shift, if you can’t quit smoking, if you are in a mental cycle that keeps you up at night, if you feel stuck, make an appointment with Lori Solay and know you will be in trusted, competent, capable & creative hands (& mind/heart). Thank you Lori for always sharing the spot on guidance I’ve needed for my own familial challenges! Love you! XO”

Carter Rankin

Founder, Carter’s Biz Cafes 

“Lori Solay, of “Solay Creative” recently participated as a guests speaker at our ” Biz Camp” for youth, and actually did the impossible…She held their attention!!! She was engaging, delightful, educational, whimsical, energetic and fun! Bravo! I would strongly consider Lori’s services for any of our events.”

Keren Barukh

Artist, Keren Creations

“Working with Lori has allowed me to tap into a calm that I didn’t think reachable. I wasn’t looking to solve or overcome anything specific, and yet, just talking with Lori helped me to better understand certain thought patterns I would have and how to reprogram them. She is an amazing listener and a guide to a deeper place within ourselves that I’ve found to be very positive and fulfilling.

Lori is caring, super bright, and brings a passion into her work that is a rare gift. I find myself referring to our work in certain situations, which gives me the tools I need to approach it with more clarity.”

Michael Pettet

Drummer, Be Calm Honcho

“Lori helped me to realize my full creative potential as a professional musician and all the aspects of what taking on a creative outlet as a business means. I’ve been a drummer for 15 years now, and I can whole heartedly say, that with Lori’s guidance, I was able to make these past fifteen years mean more to me than ever before. She’s not only an amazing guide, but her support and friendship remain and continue to inspire me daily. Thank you, Lori!!

Stu Sweetow

AVC Consultants

“I recently downloaded the self-hypnosis Healing Journey MP3. It helps you relax with progressive desensitization and creative visualization. Lori speaks in a calming but conversational tone, unlike some new age tapes whose presenters speak with an affected voice. The music is subtle and in the background, so it complements rather than distracts.”

Ludo de Gromard

Y Generation Education System

“Lori is not someone you describe — she is someone you experience! I was stuck, in desperate need for creativity to determine the Branding for my business, so I called Lori. She opened up 200+ little creative windows in less than 20 minutes — sparking a whole new imagination journey that resulted in our Brand! Just call her, and you’ll see exactly what I mean by opening up little creative windows…”

Christie Craig

Senior Loan Officier

“Wow, I thought for years I ‘couldn’t be hypnotized’, but after hearing Lori speak I felt I needed to trust her to give it a try. It was Amazing. Lori spent about three hours with me. We talked about where I was, where I wanted to be, and how I visualized my life without the “stuff” weighing me down. Then Lori hypnotized me. Short story, I did ‘go under’ and when I woke a huge weight had been lifted, I was the most calm and relaxed in my life. I walked down the street in awe of how good I felt. It was magic and it is with me weeks later. Thank you Lori!”

Slater P.

Performance Artist

“I feel extremely lucky to have met Lori through teaching her kids. I’d been to different therapists and hypnotherapists over the years, and had both good and bad experiences. Lori put me quickly at ease. I greatly appreciated the focusing element her questionnaire provided prior to my first visit. The depth of her analysis during our first interview showed her care and love for this work. The ease which she brought me under demonstrated her mastery of the craft. And her unique use of aromatherapy both during the session and in a take away form helped me to reconnect after the session. I highly recommend her services and am making my next appointment as I’m writing this.”

 Monica Magee

Bishop Ranch

“Lori’s Conscious Creativity workshop was booked. This topic really resonated with a variety of company employees that reside in our community. The audience was engaged and attentive. Lori’s presentation was fun, informative, and infused with her unique brand of inspiration. The participants walked away uplifted, and with action steps to increase productivity, creativity, and emotional intelligence. I immediately received calls afterward praising her, and thanking me for bringing this content to the community. I would highly recommend Lori to other businesses looking to inspire their employees.”

Mackenzie R.

“With just one session, Lori has helped me to make a “switch” in thinking from the negative to the positive. She is an amazing listener, is gentle, and brings care and compassion into her work. Before meeting with Lori, I was unaware of the power of hypnotherapy, and felt safe and relaxed while doing a meditative practice that she led.

After our meeting, I feel more grateful, at peace, and hopeful about life. Lori helped me realize that all the tools I need are already here, and that life is a journey. Thank you!”

Renda D.

“Lori is an amazingly gifted hypnotherapist who has given me so many resources yet most of all her undivided attention in our sessions that are helping me make it through the hardest of times in my life. I feel safe, guided, included and loved in my healing process”

 Anna Adea

“Before working with Lori, I did not clearly see my gifts, and, in fact, I received a lot of conditioning to support that my gifts were actually deficiencies and that there was actually something wrong with me. Lori provided the tools, reflections and encouragement that I needed to shift out of some deep seeded and painful feelings of “worthlessness” into a more peaceful, energized and authentic life that is now reflecting back to me much more love and support. Before working with Lori, “the dream” was elusive and out there. It is now anchored and unfolding before my very eyes.

Additionally, Lori, helped coach me through some difficult practical challenges that were killing my joy buzz and causing a lot of anxiety. The situations were clearly not aligned with my truth. Lori’s coaching around clarifying my desired outcome along with using language of empowerment and NLP techniques to program the language of self worth and desired outcomes in my body was instrumental in resolving these situations with grace and power.

I recommend Lori to anyone who is looking to liberate their authentic self into the world!”

Aimee E.

“Working with Lori was SUCH a good decision. Lori brings excellent balance to her work: she’s highly professional yet incredibly warm and personable, and and her approach is grounded in science but leaves plenty of room for your brain to work its “magic.” With her guidance, I was able to make significant progress in working through some of the artificial barriers I set for myself, and to get certain beliefs to “click” about things that I have know logically to be true but could not emotionally accept. Our work together shifted my mindset and energy about what is possible and what is in my control — I managed to have a major breakthrough action or epiphany after each one of our sessions and continue to feel more energetic, positive and inspired than I have in years.  I can’t recommend her highly enough, and continue to refer her far and wide. Thank you, Lori!”

Dr. Dhira Kosla

“Lori is just brilliant at what she does. I have a lot on my plate (as do most people:-) and I get overwhelmed easily. Lori teaches me ways to relax and bring myself to a place where I am calm. By using her techniques, I feel clear-headed and focused.. and much happier. It’s such a blessing to have her in my life.” – Dr. Dhira Kosla, Neurologist

Allen F.

I never considered anything like hypnosis before. But I saw a short video on FB and was impressed by Lori’s use of science to support her work. So I booked a session. And the experience I had during that session was profound. I now have images and metaphors, energy and joy, to guide and fuel me to achieve my goals. I referred a friend to Lori who was having trouble sleeping. Within only a couple of sessions he said, “My feelings of stress have diminished significantly since seeing Lori. After so many years of restless nights I am now sleeping the whole night through.”
Solay is Highly recommended!

Temple Emanu-El

“On Sunday 2/8 we had an all-women program titled “Teens to Golden Girls,” which was held at our temple, Emanu-El in San Jose.  We invited Lori Solay to be our keynote speaker, and then facilitate 2 smaller discussion groups. Lori’s key note session was titled “Awakening Your Full Potential to Live Your Best Life!.” The session was received by all workshop attendees with great satisfaction and requests for more. Our only constructive feedback was “I wish sessions with Lori were longer!” Her smaller one hour group discussions, “Magical Transformation through Self Awareness” followed by ” Emerging Adulthood and Being Authentically YOU!” for our teenage girls – received the same reaction, our women would love to have Lori come back in the future. Lori’s positive outlook on life and engagement with others, coupled with her spunk, playfulness, knowledge and level of preparation – are remarkable and inspiring.

We all heartedly recommend Lori to anyone who may want to invite her in the future.


Cantor Meeka Simerly (clergy), and Pam Hoffman, event chairs.

Reem El-Rifai

BayBook Bookkeeping

“I met an angel!!! What can I say about Lori or The angel Lori Solay as I call her…

I will start by talking about my experiences, I’m a single mom of 3 beautiful young ladies, I am also the daughter of an amazing Lady, owner of a successful business and I recently reached my middle age!!! So literally, I am sandwiched between my loved ones and hard work!!!

One Thursday morning, while attending a big meeting, where Angel Lori happened to be attending, I could not control my anxieties and my tears… Needless to say it was a cry for help…

You see the minute I started crying, Lori came and gave me a hug and said: “I know, it’s ok… Let it all out…” Lori and I, had known each other for few weeks prior to that day, we were just acquaintances.

Lori kept saying to me: “you are ok, I’ll show you how to get out of this place safely, you are safe I won’t leave you till you feel it. I will call you throughout the day, until you come in the evening for a hypnosis session” and she did!!!!… That day she called me so many times walked me through some breathing exercises, just to calm me down… She was successful!!! I felt so safe and not alone facing my challenges…

The miracle happened that evening, I went to see Lori. After only one session, that session, I left her office smiling, laughing full of hope… You see, amongst many things, Lori said: “Your brain is your computer, look at it, acknowledge your feelings, now hit the reset button!!!”

It makes so much sense, my brain was over working, it jammed!!!! I had to restart!!! Ever since, Lori calls me every Monday morning, to teach me more secrets, more tricks to stay focused, she helps me  set my good intentions for the day and week… Lori is truly an angel, that teaches me how to appreciate and guide my power to achieve my ultimate goals.

She proved that Goethe was right “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” A saying that Lori displays in every email…

You see with love and care, Lori is teaching me how to manifest my highest desires… She is guiding me to find my true loving self… And thus I am enjoying every step on my path while serving my life purpose…

Thank you Lori, Love births miracles, you are right”