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Morning Rhythm

There is nothing more powerful than beginning your day with the right mindset and intent. Establishing your desired flow and outcome will have profound effects in your life.

Love and the Holiday Trance

Interview with Ronnie Joy – Relationship Coach

Evening Reflection

At the end of the day, spend a few moments to reflect on the events that unfolded.

Highly Recommended Reading

Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of my favorite pioneers in the field of human potential. He’s considered to be the father of Epigenetics, and teaches the cutting-edge science of how thoughts create your reality. If you’re a seeker of knowledge and personal grow, I highly recommend listening to his interview and buying his book. *In his book, he affirms the power of the Subconscious Mind and the incredible power of Hypnosis to change beliefs to create a new reality.

Recommended reading for anyone who’s suffering from chronic stress. Christine Carter’s in-depth research and recommendations are a road-map back to emotional and physical health. She speaks from experience.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself is a must-read for those that want to awaken the incredible power of the mind, and move into 5th Dimensional Creativity, or what Dr. Dispenza says in Causing and Effect. He brings concrete science to the ever-growing evidence of Quantum Reality. He shares how he healed his broken back, which then inspired his life-long passion to study the mind and its incredible power to create our reality.

Personal Musings & Teachings

Video: Blowing bubbles to relieve stress

Video: Heal through your sense of smell

Video: What is your IQ?

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The American Institute of Stress

Are you suffering from chronic stress and anxiety? If you want to learn more about the effects of stress, read this article.

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Huffington Post Article – June 2013

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“Self-Hypnosis Research suggests hypnosis can help reduce anxiety. Plus, it’s a great self-mediated technique for stress relief.”

US National Library of Medicine / National Institute of Health

Studies conducted on the benefits of hypnosis

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Check out these leading doctors that highly recommend hypnosis

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Bruce Liption on Epigenetics and The Honeymoon Effect

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Mind Power Techniques – Heal Your Life // Dr Joe Dispenza

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