Your Healing Journey

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Are you going through a healing crisis? This audio session will help you to access the deeper healing wisdom of the body.

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It will help you to relax your nervous system, so that your body can create the biochemistry to support your healing. You are lovingly supported through guided imagery, so that you can visualize yourself in your healed state. This audio reminds you that your body has incredible healing power, as science is proving, and your state of mind play a huge role.
*Every mp3 was personally crafted, based on metaphors, stories and images that created success for my clients.

1 review for Your Healing Journey

  1. Stu Sweetow

    “I recently downloaded the self-hypnosis Healing Journey MP3. It helps you relax with progressive desensitization and creative visualization. Lorie speaks in a calming but conversational tone, unlike some new age tapes whose presenters speak with an affected voice. The music is subtle and in the background, so it complements rather than distracts.”

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