“When you’re evolving into a higher self, the road may seem lonely, but you’re simply shedding the energies that no longer match the frequency of your destiny.”

More and more people are desperate to find meaning and purpose in their lives, especially during this time of extremes and uncertainty. When people find purpose and a connection to something greater than themselves, they’re happier, healthier and live a more fulfilling life. Leading-edge, neuroscience research is proving there’s an intelligence within us that goes beyond our known human capabilities. The source of all power lies within us.

Spiritual Growth Sessions establish a clear methods and rituals for growing stronger in your own personal faith, whatever your denomination. These sessions help you awaken the heaven within you. Together, we find your true self, your true nature, your divine spark that’s based in unity and love. You learn to listen and hear your own unique guidance.

You’ll become well-versed in navigating through challenges and managing stress, while using your spiritual foundation as a pillar of strength and resilience. You’ll enhance a deep, loving connection to your higher self.

What Clients Are Saying

“Wow. Just wow! Lorie is SO skilled at her work. She brings compassion, intelligence, deep curiosity, and care to her sessions and is truly passionate about enabling healing in her patients.”

“I was recently connected with Lorie and while I had no knowledge of hypnotherapy, Lorie’s kind and radiant personality was enough to convince me to try a session with her. As someone with a strong background in neuroscience and biomedicine, I was delighted to discover that Lorie has a passion for understanding and explaining the science behind her work.”

“The session itself was quite profound for me. Lorie helps her patients heal from past difficulties as well as aim for improved future states. Our work helped me to see and feel what I am aiming for in a particular aspect of my life. Because of the deep level at which Lorie’s work operates, I can continue to access that positive, joyful, and fulfilled frame of mind that she helped me to find during our session. When I left her office I felt both calm and energized by the newly-invigorated me that she had helped me acquire.”

“I would strongly recommend anyone who is seeking a new frame of mind about their work, relationships, family life, health, or general outlook on life to try a session with Lorie. Lorie – thank you for being you, and for what you do!”


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