Obsessive Thoughts & Rumination

Are You Having Obsessive Thoughts? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Do you find yourself ruminating or obsessing about the past or future? It can be so debilitating when you’re hashing and churning thoughts, over and over. This kind of self-torture robs you of your current moment and your ability to recognize what you truly have going for yourself. It blocks you from feeling content and being unable to look forward to the future.

Catastrophizing or brooding. When clients come to me to help ease their mental and emotional suffering, we discover that there are generally two themes that surface, catastrophizing or brooding.

Brooding. When they open up about the cause of their obsessive thoughts or rumination, it can be that they’re reliving a difficult experience with someone or something and they’re still upset. Upset with another person or themselves. They keep thinking why did it happen that way, why didn’t I do this (fill in the blank) or how could that person be so (fill in the blank). In essence, they keep reliving the experience, which causes a stress response in the body and becomes a feedback loop.

Catastrophizing. This is when someone constantly thinks about the worst case scenario in the future. It’s the “what if” state of mind. Planning for the future is one thing, however this state keeps someone reliving possible catastrophic, future events. It would be like watching a horror movie over, and over, and over…. Goodness, this also causes the stress response, and the worst part? It hasn’t even happened. It’s all in their head. The mind/body doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, it responds to both.

I’d like to share and article where I was feature in Rewired.org, along with other experts, sharing how to deal with obsessive thoughts.


You Can Change! Make a conscious choice to change this unhealthy behavior, so that 2020 will be different.

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