Oakland, Ca-How to set healthy boundaries-Hypnotherapist, Eastbay, CA

“Boundaries – If someone throws a fit because you set boundaries, it’s just more evidence that boundaries are needed.” Unknown

Are you expected to be on-call emotional therapy for friends and family? Do you play duck and cover from daily rants of drama? These are some examples of how our personal boundaries can be crossed.

It can certainly be challenging to set boundaries. Many of us have grown up in dysfunctional families that didn’t know how to teach healthy boundaries, let alone honor them. Learning how to communicate and hold healthy boundaries is essential for your mental, emotional and physical health.

Why do you want to set boundaries?

  • Creates better self esteem
  • Protects and conserves your emotional energy
  • You create independence and self-authority

I grew up with a parent who abused alcohol, so I felt like I was always walking on egg- shells. There were unreasonable expectations put upon me. Being a kid, I didn’t know what I needed to feel safe and loved, so I just tried to please everyone, or I shut down. I didn’t learn how to establish healthy boundaries until much later in life.

Here are 5 boundaries to consider:

  1. Emotional boundaries around inappropriate topics, emotional dumping and dismissing emotions.
  2. Mental boundaries to create freedom to have your own thoughts, beliefs, values and opinions.
  3. Time/Energy boundaries around time, lateness, when to contact, favors & free labor.
  4. Material boundaries around possessions, when they can be used and how they’re treated.
  5. Physical boundaries around touch, PDA, unwanted comments about appearance or sexuality.

Boundaries are important for healthy relationships, especially the relationship you have with yourself. It’s a way to take better care of yourself and feel confident enough to meet your own needs. If you’ve grown up in a dysfunctional environment, this is a great step in taking back your own personal power.


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