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“Dont’ Live The Same Year 75 Times And Call It A Life” Robin Sharma | I recently attended a seminar taught by Dr. Christian Waugh. He was funny, he was brilliant and he shared a reframing technique that helped people stay true to their goals. I’ll share his tip in this post.

This is the time of year when we assess our success. For most people, they can be disappointed and feel a deep sense of guilt and shame that they weren’t able to stick to their health goals. If this is you, please take an oath of non-violence towards yourself. Most of us cave to the instant gratification that permeates our lives.

For many, life is feeling more and more complicated. The incessant need to stay on top of things and the FOMO (fear of missing out) consumes so much precious time. If you had a magic wand in order to make significant changes, I would suggest you simplify, prioritize and remove. There’s only so much time and energy in a day.

Here’s a great tool I use called the Eisenhower Matrix. This tool is designed for time management. However, I like to share it as a tool to help you reflect on the bigger things in your life.

Let’s focus on category 4 – Dump It! I encourage you to do this exercise as soon as possible.

Things you’ll need:

  • Find a quiet place to do some self-reflection
  • Bring a journal
  • Warm beverage and a snack (optional)
  • Leave the phone out of reach and turn off notifications
  1. To get started, take a few moments to quiet your mind and body. You can take some conscious breaths, or listen to a relaxing song, whatever works for you.
  2. Reflect on what you want to dump this year. Things that aren’t important to you or serving you.
  3. Begin to automatically write them down. Automatic writing is allowing what wants to come through without the analytical mind getting in the way. Just write. Let the various parts of you have a voice.
  4. Once you have your list, identify the ones that are the most detrimental to your health.
  5. Now, finish the sentence with each of these items. “I do this ____________ because…….” For example: “I waste a lot of time on social media, because I want to take a break from my tasks at hand. Or, I want to see what everyone’s doing or saying, so I’m not left out.” What are the needs I’m attempting to fulfill? To rest and to feel connected.

Once you identify the real need, you can start to construct more healthy habits for getting those needs met.

Here’s what Dr. Waugh shared at his seminar. I loved it, because it’s a classic NLP reframing method with a twist. He said that his department did a study where he asked a group of people to list out their financial goals for the next 5 years. Then he instructed them to use an app that took their picture and aged them. When they saw an older version of themselves, they felt a much stronger desire to take care of that older version of themselves. They recognized that their decisions in the here-and-now where going to greatly impact that older version of themselves, for better or worse.

In NLP this is called Future Pacing. You connect with a future version of yourself to gain wisdom. I love the added twist of actually having an image of your older self, because it has a powerful effect on the subconscious. Most people are visual. However, many can also benefit from building the auditory and kinesthetic parts, too.

Imagine what your older self would tell you in moments of weakness. What sort of advice or request would they make of you? How would it feel to put your arm around them, assuring them that you’ve got their back? Practic this technique and notice the subtle, positive changes it makes in your daily life.

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Happy New Year To You And Your Family! Warmly, Lorie