Oakland, CA-How To Create A Prosperity Mindset-Hypnotherapy, Eastbay, CA

“If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don’t, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.” 

My friend, your thoughts and your emotions are the most incredible superpower you posses. It’s like your energetic blueprint that attracts or repels your desires. This isn’t woowoo thinking. Science proves that like attracts like. The quote is validating the power of our attention.

The one greatest emotional state that prevents you from achieving prosperity and abundance is stress. Stress makes you closed off, protective and insular. I’m sure you know the feeling when your vision narrows like you’re heading into a tunnel. Your body feels all knotted up or like it’s shrinking.

When you’re in a stressed state, you move into the sympathetic nervous system. You move into fight, flight or freeze. This state closes you off from possibility. The doors of creativity and flow slam shut. If you feel this state often, it’s like getting onto the freeway and popping straight over to the express lane. You’re on the inter-state of high anxiety and lack.

The trick is to become aware of the triggers and begin to control the state. Awareness is the precursor to change. Then, understand my friend, that you have choice. You can begin to chose a different inter-state.

There’s so much support out there for you. Declare that you’re ready to feel something different in order to bring in more prosperity and abundance. Begin making a conscious choice every day, so that you can resist the urge to get on that on-ramp to that old inter-state that takes you to high anxiety and lack.

Here’s a video where I share some easy techniques to calm your nervous system.

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