Does Your Anger, Sadness Or Joy Really Belong To You? Hypnotherapy, Eastbay, CA

“If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Do you feel like some days your emotions are like a rollercoaster? You may have gotten a great start to your day, feeling really energized. Then, by the afternoon, you’re dragging and your mental state is dissolving into a murky bog. Or, another example is that we meet someone and we know that we like their “vibe” and we feel elevated by being in their presence. We’re energy beings. We’re intimately connected to people/environments, so much so that we’re entrained by them. 

Entrainment means coming into alignment with a vibration of an object. Dutch scientist Christiaan Hygens discovered entrainment in the 1600’s. When you place an object vibrating at one frequency near an object vibrating at a different frequency, they lock into phase. One can be  vibrating higher and the other one lower and they will eventually meet in the middle. There’s lots of videos on Youtube that demonstrate this phenomena. This is a very powerful concept to understand, because you’ll begin to notice how your environment affects your mental, physical and emotional state. You’ll start to realize that there are times when your energy is not your own. 

There’s also something in our brain called mirror neurons. Discovered in the 90’s, science is learning how they affect our emotional and mental behavior. 

“Mirror neurons are “smart cells” in our brains that allow us to understand others’ actions, intentions, and feelings. The mirror neurons are in many areas of our brains, and they fire when we perform an action such as grasping an apple, and similarly we see others doing it.”

“As it turns out, our mirror neurons fire when we experience an emotion and similarly when we see others experiencing an emotion, such as happiness, fear, anger, or sadness. When we see someone being sad, for example, our mirror neurons fire and that allows us to experience the same sadness and to feel empathy.  We don’t need to “think” about the other person being sad, we actually experience it firsthand.” 

“The power of mirror neurons is another compelling reason that leaders need to take responsibility for their own actions and choices.  People are literally mirroring the leader’s actions — and the leader’s emotions. Simply showing up with more ideal behavior and an intentional emotional state is an important part of imparting these qualities to others.   Since mirror neurons are “always on” leaders have a huge responsibility to monitor and manage themselves as role models.”

Isn’t this fascinating information? Now, here’s how it can help you. When you’re feeling triggered or just not yourself, take a few moments to check in.. Awareness is the precursor to change. Ask yourself these questions to gain more clarity:

  1. Q. Is it my biology? Am I tired, hungry or stressed? If it is, take care of yourself right away. Take a break to grab a bite to eat, or sit and be quiet and still for a few moments. 
  2. Q. What feelings am I feeling right now? Do they belong to me? Sometimes we’ve just witnessed an argument or saw something online that disturbed us. I’m a huge proponent of staying on a media diet. I’m very careful about what I allow to enter into my consciousness. Especially in light of the online environment these days.  If the emotions you’re feeling are something you’ve absorbed, take a few moments to ground and release the energy. Imagine you’ve got a grounding cord that drops to the center of the earth. Imagine all of the energy that’s not yours to drain down into the earth. 
  3. Q. If these emotions are mine, what’s coming up? Take a few moments to allow the emotions/feelings to be expressed. You can journal in a way that’s free writing. Just allow what wants to come up and write it out. Writing it out helps to release it in a healthy way. Emotions are communication that something wants to be addressed. 

This is a great place to start to take control of your emotional life, so that you don’t feel like an unanchored ship being tossed at sea by every passing storm. And, just as important, that you’re not spreading unhealthy thought and emotional viruses that get passed from person to person. 

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