As moms, we all experience the mother-load. But when the load gets to be too much, your physical, mental and emotional health can really suffer. You don’t have to live this way.

Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy two extra, guilt-free hours a week to do whatever you want. Take a moment and think about how your days would be different when you have more energy, feel more positive and experience more time and freedom in your days.

My name is Lorie Solay, and I’d like to share what getting more time to yourself really means, and it’s not getting up earlier, staying up later or being on the endless search for the latest and greatest time management app.

I want to share what self-care really means, and why it’s not selfish. When I change my perspective and began my recovery from burn-out and chronic fatigue, it changed everything for me. I went from depressed and bed-bound to skating in the park with my kids again.

I want to share the solution to my exhaustion and overwhelm. Solutions to the mother-load!