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How Moms Can Get Their Kids To Help Out Around The House

Kids And Family Can Show Some Love By Making Mom A Snack

This is such a nice way to advocate for yourself, and easier than you think. After all, you’re running around all day taking care of everyone else. Most moms don’t stop and eat. I remember when my kids were young, I barely ever had a warm mean. I would pick from their plates. I’m sure you can totally relate. Teach the family how to care for you. The best way to do that is spell it out. We can sometimes get all huffy, because we think our family should know what to do. The truth is, they’re not mind readers.

Have you read the book about Love Languages? If you haven’t, it’s a really great read. It discusses how each person has their own way of receiving love. So….share how you’d like to receive love. For me, I love when a meal is made for me. I don’t mind cooking, but I would rather leave that up to others. My husband loves to cook, and has cheerfully taken that on.

At the very least, teach your family and kids how to bring you what I call a “Got Your Back Snack.” I share some tips on how to do that in the video. Have a look, and share your comments.

If you’d like more support, or ideas about how to advocate for yourself. Let’s talk! 

Here’s to your health, happiness and nourishment, dear momma.