Is Stress Preventing You From Getting Pregnant? Stress Management Coach, Oakland, Ca

Are you struggling to get pregnant? As time drags on, do you feel even more traumatized? This is such a common experience for couples who aren’t getting pregnant quickly. The stress around getting pregnant is a vicious cycle that keeps the body in a state of stress. 

Most people understand how their mental and emotional life affects their body. But many don’t find it so easy to stay away from catastrophizing, turning down the critical voice in their head, or redirecting their powerful imagination from visualize the worst case scenario. For couples looking to get pregnant, they can find it stressful to be around others who are pregnant or even go to shop for baby items. They’re yearning for their own baby can feel so raw that anything that reminds them of their lack can be very painful.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about the couples who tried to get pregnant. They may have tried  for years, until finally, they gave up and adopted a child. Then, soon after they adopted, they got pregnant. They let go of the outcome, relaxed and took another path and this was the opening that helped make their own pregnancy possible. 

The level of stress that many people experience is well beyond what’s healthy. The tricky part is that for many people it’s built up over years, which can make it hard to unpack. Between family and career obligations, life for many can be a grind. Then, throw in the current state of affairs in the world and it can really feel like a pressure cooker. 

When you’re wanting to get pregnant, stress management is a must. It’s so important to understand how the nervous system works. Stress can be an addiction. You can feel addicted to the adrenaline to get things done. Most people would do well to pair down their to-do lists. Let go of FOMO, so they can just be present with what is and find the time to be leisurely. This is even more true if you’re working on getting pregnant. 

Science is saying that 90% of illnesses are due to stress. When we’re ruminating about lack, our body goes into the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze).  A whole host of stress chemicals flood our body. This prevents the body from healing. Deep down we don’t feel safe. A body that doesn’t feel safe is going to have a more difficult time relaxing into a state of ease and trust. The body knows what to do, but the mind gets in the way. The mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, so the thoughts, emotions and behaviours you’re choosing have a direct effect on the body. 

Here’s the good news. You can learn to think, feel and behave differently. You can bring in self care practices to calm your nervous system. Here are some suggestions:

  1. I love the meditation tool by Heart Math. It’s called Inner Balance and it will help you know, through biofeedback, that you’re achieving a deep state of relaxation. Their tool helps you create heart coherence, which is a profoundly healing state for your mind and body. This is meditation, so you’ll want to set aside time each day to practice. My clients find the best times are first thing in the morning, in order to set their energetic intent for the day, and right before bed. 
  2. Create a new narrative. Journal each day about the future life you’re living with your new family. Visualize and feel the emotions you’ll be feeling, as if you’re already there. This is called Future Pacing and has incredible power to orient your mind and body to the future you want. Remember, everything begins in the imagination. Use this incredible power to start setting the stage for what’s to come. 
  3. Let go and have some fun. Be playful. Be joyful. Be grateful. Laugh more. Recognize how you’ve birthed other things into the world and that your power to create is magnificent. It is innate and within you. Finding that joyful, playful side will help to move your body out of stress and into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest, restore). 

You’re not alone. There’s so much support out there for you. Sending blessings your way. Warmly, Lorie

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