How I Relieved My Anxiety Attacks
(Part Two)

Stuck In An Unconscious Pattern Of Thought

It was a really hot day driving home from Glendale. Commute traffic was horrible. I’d learned to just stay in my lane and drive, because zipping from one lane to another didn’t really get me any further ahead. At this point, I don’t really remember the particular thoughts I was having, only that I was in a mindless, rumination loop. Driving is very hypnotic, and I was zoning out.

Was I having A Heart Attack?

All of a sudden, I felt this rush of heat move from my chest to my head. My chest started to tighten up, and I felt like I couldn’t breath. My vision narrowed a bit, and my heart was racing in my chest, like a stampede of horses. I felt like I was having a heart attack. My breathing quickened. I had no idea what was happening, and all I could think of was “I’ve got to get to a hospital.”

I was overwhelmed and panicking, because I was caught in rush-hour traffic. As quick as I could, I made my way over to the emergency lane. I sat there catching my breath, and trying desperately to figure out what I was going to do. I was still at least an hour away from home. This was pre-cell phones, so I couldn’t call anyone. Who would I call anyway that could help me? I needed help. I felt so alone and isolated, which was the strangest feeling, because I had hundreds of people passing my on the freeway.

This Moment Changed My Life

We use our phones now for everything, especially to find places and locations. I don’t know how I found a hospital, but I did. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I was feeling a bit better. I went into the emergency room, and walked up to the check-in window. What happened next, changed my life forever……to be continued! Click Here To Keep Reading

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