How I Relieved My Anxiety Attacks
(Part One)

How My Anxiety Began…..

When I had my first panic attack, I was living in Southern California. I was commuting home from work, which meant I was driving about two and a half hours, one way. As I think back, it was totally insane, yet everyone did it.

My commute was from Glendale to Redlands. I had recently broken up with my high-school sweet heart, moved out of the house we bought together, and found an apartment. I was really enjoying my freedom, and loved the little apartment I rented. The apartment was across the street from a glorious orange grove, and the sweet, citrus blossom smell would waft into my apartment, and would carry my mind and heart into inspired daydreams. It was intoxicating. To this day, the sweet smell of citrus will take me back to that brief moment in my life that felt like all possibilities existed for me.

Well, as stories do, mine took an unexpected turn. I was laid off from my job of two years, and I found out in the worst way possible. I had gone on vacation. When I showed up to the office on my first day back, the office was gone. While I was out of town, the company packed up, and closed shop. It was like my worst nightmare turned into reality TV.

From Liberation To Despair And Losing Control

Sadly, I had to move out of my sweet, little apartment next to the orange grove, and move in with my mom. I’ll give a shout-out to my sweet mama. She’s always been there for me, and I’m so grateful for her help, during what was going to be a very dark, stressful time in my life.

Back to my commute. A few months after moving in with my mom, I did find a new job. It was a great job, but the downside was going to be the commute. Driving from Redlands to Glendale was about sixty-five miles.

For many of us, we just get on with things, moving from one event to the other. We barely give ourselves time to process changes in our lives. This was certainly true for me. I was never taught how to deal with emotions like grief, sadness, fear, or worry. I was never taught that an emotion is energy in motion, and when I’d ignore them, or stuff it down, it has devastating consequences on my mental, emotional, and physical body. What I was about to learn was how my body was going to deal with all of my buried emotions……To Be Continued! Click Here To Keep Reading

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