Finding Spirituality In Chaotic Times – Spiritual Development Coach, Oakland, Ca

“In All Chaos There Is A Cosmos, In All Disorder A Secred Order.” Carl Jung

Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s certainly very apparent that we’re living in chaotic times. I’ve felt the dramatic swings that come with the times and sometimes it can be daily. We can experience something called compassion fatigue, because so many are suffering right now. It can feel emotionally draining and living under that rock can sound kind of appealing.  

I felt compelled to write you about finding a spiritual path. I’ve always had a deeply spiritual side from the time I was a kid. I remember looking out at the night sky and talking to the stars. I grew up in a family that didn’t know how to deal with their own emotional wounds, so they turned to unhealthy coping strategies. I felt pretty alone and afraid a lot of the time. When I talked to the stars, I felt reassured. Afterall, I felt so in awe being a part of such a grand universe and the power that created it. 

At one point, I also lived across the street from a church and would go there for Sunday mass. I was about 5 years old. I really liked the preacher and his wife. They were very kind. I remember one mass where I was looking at an image of a cross. The cross was like a bridge from earth to heaven and people were walking up. I was so fascinated by this image. I can still vividly recall it in my mind’s eye. This kind of spiritual iconography still holds a power that I’ve continued to study to this day. 

I was told that God was a punitive god, ready to punish those who’ve strayed from the path. In my young heart, I knew this wasn’t true. I knew at a very young age that God, Source, Spirit, whatever you feel drawn to is pure love. It’s such an interesting feeling to remember how definite I felt about it at the age of 5. What I believe now is that heaven and hell exist right here and I think it’s of our own creation. 

Love or fear. These are the two emotional states that can bring peace or war. When we also find ourselves in polarity, meaning us vs them, we’re falling victim to fear. I strive to ask myself, especially in difficult situations, what would love do? It’s said that the fall of humanity was when they left the wisdom of the heart and relied solely on the limited wisdom of the head. 

If you’re finding that you’re ready to let go of fear, judgement, competition, anger, resentment in order to live a more spiritual life, there’s no better time than the present. Your kind, loving, compassionate heart is needed to help heal the suffering that’s plaguing humanity right now. 

The good news! The cycles of nature indicate that from turbulence and chaos we move into dropping off and then into dormancy, so that we can imagine a new beginning. You truly matter. The way you interact in the world matters. Your every word, thought and action has the power to uplift or destroy. That’s how powerful you are. Now I ask you, are you taking the path to find your own spirituality? If not now, when? 

Blessings, Lorie