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Wild Temple Online Gathering | Stay On A Spiritual Path And Lead With The Heart During Challenging Times

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“Spirituality lies not in the power to heal others, to perform miracles or to astound the world with our wisdom, but in the ability to endure with the right attitude whatever crosses we have to face in our daily lives and thus rise above them.” Sri Daya Mata

Do you feel like you’re being easily swayed by mass consciousness? Are you allowing fear and uncertainty to make you shrink and feel closed off? Do you feel a deep calling to rise above and be a part of unity, love and the creation of a new earth?

Many people are wanting guidance on how to stay grounded during these unprecedented times? Spiritually minded people are doing their personal work, in order to serve as pillars of love, strength, grace and compassion for themselves, their family and their community. They’re providing strength and courage while weathering this storm.

Whatever you feel drawn to….Source, Spirit, Jesus, Buddha, nature, music, animals….you can forge your own spiritual path during these difficult times. A spiritual practice is a way to center yourself and maintain your inner harmony. Truly, anything that you bring purpose and awareness to can become a spiritual practice.

There are also tremendous benefits to living a more spiritual life. Some of the benefits are:

  • Live longer
  • Increased levels of happiness and well being
  • Experience more love and connection in intimate relationships
  • Promote the healthy development of their children
  • Cope better with challenging times and even the death of loved ones
  • Have a lower risk of depression and suicide
  • Lower levels of stress

This online class will help support and enrich your spiritual awareness and strengthen the connection to your divine path. You’ll gain fresh insights and learn methods and rituals that will help you regain your center faster and help you respond to difficult times in the ways you want to respond.

It will help you realize the importance of creating a regular spiritual practice, day in and day out, even on those days when you’d rather not. Regular spiritual practice builds a foundation and a reserve you can draw on in times of need.

Here’s What The Class Includes:

  • 11 Ingredients for a grounded spiritual practice
  • Heart Coherence Meditation to activate the most powerful energy center in the body for positive, lasting changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body
  • Grounding Meditation to help you release the effects of mass consciousness fear and anxiety
  • Journaling exercises to help you integrate the information and set the supportive energetic blueprint for the day
  • Companion workbook
  • Bonus: Personally crafted Psychological Distance Hypnosis Mp3 to help you easily shift your perspective from fear to love

Great news! Even if you can’t make the scheduled time, you’ll get all the goodness. Within 24 hours from the live call, you’ll get the link to the recording, as well as journaling exercises and a companion workbook for future reference and refresh.

Register For Online Event Through Eventbrite Link Here

Donate what you can. When you donate what you can, it allows me to offer this power teaching to people who are struggline right now. Your generous support allows me to pay it forward.

Kind regards, Lorie

ps…the picture below is me and my sweet boys spending some much needed time together on a hike. Little did I know then how much time we would be spending together in the near future. Counting my blessings!


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