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Mt. Shasta Wild Temple Divine Feminine Wisdom Retreat 2020

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Did you know as a woman, your natural states are self-authority, abundance, playfulness, grace and sensuality? It’s your divine, exquisite power. Women are beginning to remember who they truly are…..strong, beautiful, creative, sensual beings!


Another great shift happened in 2012 and marked the beginning of a new, cosmic cycle. The Aquarian Age has begun. Old ways are ending. I’m sure you’ve noticed and can feel the breaking down of outdated beliefs, rules and structures. This is an important stage, because it signifies the return of Divine Feminine Widsom. This is an amazing time to be alive. YOU ARE an integral part of the shift
and evolutiuon of humanity!


This retreat is an initiation into a whole other world, seen and unseen, that is the energy frequency and vibration of unlimited potential. This creative power is your birthright! When you discover this world of unlimited potential, you’ll feel like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, when she stepped from the black and white world to full technicolor!

This Divine Feminine Wisdom Retreat is for you if………
  • You really want to feel into the magic of who you really are – a Divine Creator!
  • You really want to trust yourself more and let go of self-doubt and self criticism
  • You want to break up with anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm
  • You’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled and disatisfied with your life
  • You want to feel more magnetic and learn how to draw people and experiences to you
  • You want to clearly and firmly speak your truth and set boundaries
  • You want a properity mindset and a reality that reflects it
  • You want to heal and forgive past wounds and feel more open-hearted
  • You want stop allowing others to define you
  • You want to bring more fun, magic and sensuality back into your life
  • You want a more positive, supportive, spiritually-minded community
  • You want to connect more with the magnificent healing power of nature and get intune with the seasons and the moon to create with more ease
  • You want to hear the subtle voice of intuition and your soul’s guidance in order to walk your own path

Your Investment Includes:

  • 4 Nights and 5 Days resting, restoring and rejuvenating in a luxurious, private home filled with spa ammenities and private space for personal time and integration
  • High-vibe, healthy meals to raise the body’s frequency , including my personally fermented drinks to support gut health (huge hit last year…yum!)
  • Guided tours and activities to sacred spots around and on Mt. Shasta (Insider’s secret spots)
  • Purification, release and grounding ceremonies in sacred waters
  • Exhilerating hike and special ceremony at Heart Lake for powerful healing and intention setting
  • Enchanted Fire Ceremony to purify old wounds, feelings of lack, limitation and struggle
  • Crystal Room sound healing experience
  • Learning how to work with crystals and earth energies to enhance your rituals and ceremonies
  • Personally crafted workbook, journals and personally currated gifts to raise the joy factor
  • 2 – 60 minute coaching calls to prepare for retreat
  • Special offer to join my group coaching program, beginning in Oct. 2020, to support the deepening of this transformational work
  • You receive over 20+ hours of spiritual development coaching by Lorie, based in ancient traditions and science. You’ll bring back to your daily life knowledge and skills to create daily rituals and ceremonies to increase your personal power. You’ll learn how to embrace and embody your own feminine, intuitive gifts. This sacred feminine experience will create positive, lasting changes in your life.


“I’m continually suprised at how those short, few days ulitmately propelled me on a different path. I came to the retreat reeling from toxicity, fatigued and defeat. I left feeling like I was not only myself again, but a much more powerful version of myself. Lorie is the ultimate guide – taking your hand gently yet firmly to a place of whimsical magic and sacred ritual. Lorie is one of those rare teachers that has mastered the art of blending spirituality and science, quiet time and play, freedom and structure. She can simultaneously bring you to your knees, as you marvel at Mt. Shasta’s beauty, while also satisfying your inner curiosity to understand the how and why of how things work. I will always be grateful to Lorie for opening the doorway to my own intuition, a gift that has blessed my life in innumerable ways and for re-introducing me to the power of Mt. Shasta. Lorie is the perfect person to lead you on this journey. Be prepared for unexpected magic!”  Ale F.

“I’m a huge fan of Lorie Solay, because she introduced me to the divine light that was always waiting to be lit within me. One of my favorite offerings she does is her annually guided retreat to Mt.Shasta. Going to Lorie’s retreats has been one of the most heart-opening experiences of my life! The gifts and tools I’ve received from Lorie and the Sacred Mountain have been immeasurable and edless. This is a gift I will give myself, as long as Lorie does these sacred retreats. And, I will bring my loved ones who are ready to wake up to the endless magic and possibilities that await them!
Mt.Shasta’s energy is indescribable, just go and feel her magic guided by Lorie. Be careful what you wish for, because between Lorie, Shasta and the Power of the Divine Women altogether, your h eart will explode with love and gratitude and divine guidance will be felt and received.” Soniyah S.

“I walked away with a greater sense of my feminine attributes and a clearer understanding of how to recognize and grow those characteristics and strengths. I also had a wonderful time being in a beautiful place, surrounded by strong and curious women, supported by healthy food, clean air and intention to heal and grow.” Janet T.


Your investment for luxurious lodging, healthy, delicious meals, sacred tours, mystical   rituals and ceremonies, powerful wisdom teachings, a beautiful, supportive community plus so, so, so much more is only….

(valued at over $4500)

A $525 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is due by July 1st, 2020. Payment arrangements for the remaining balance are absolutely available ; -)




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