Home Events CALMFERENCE Online Training Event | | Learn How To Outsmart Stress And Cope With Anxiety During Tough Times

CALMFERENCE Online Training Event | | Learn How To Outsmart Stress And Cope With Anxiety During Tough Times

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CALMFERENCE™ | Learn How To Calm Your Nervous System, Outsmart Stress And Cope With Anxiety During Challenging Times

CALMEFRENCE™ is not a standard stress management class. It’s a proprietary mental mastery program designed to be an engaging, empowering and uplifting experience that leaves you inspired and ready to implement what you’ve learned.

CALMFERENCE™ is designed to help you assess your current stress level, so tha you can manage and develop resilience. This class will help you feel more emotionally in control, focused and productive.

Tools and strategies are based on leading-edge brain science and will help you:

  • Assess your current level of stress to develop more self-control
  • Build emotional resilience during challenging times
  • Develop habits for self-care, in order to improve health and wellness
  • Manage day-to-day stressors in order to stay grounded and calm

Your investment includes:

  • 7 science-based strategies and methods to outsmart your stress, cope with anxiety and build resilience
  • Companion worksheet to help you integrate what you’ve learned
  • Guided meditation that teaches you how to ground your energy to help calm your nervous system
  • Self-Care Wheel worksheet to help you understand and improve the 6 quadrants of your life for more mental and emotional ease and balance
  • Zoom recording of the virtual training event, so you can refer back to it for future support
  • Bonus: My personally crafted Daily Flush Ritual hypnosis mp3 that will help you create some psychological distance to gain a healthier perspective about the challenges you may be facing

Great News! Even if you can’t attend the event live, no problem 🙂 You’ll receive and be able to download all training and support materials that are included in the investment. I’m so happy that you’ll have this easy, practical and relevant training to refer to for future support.

Register Here For Online Event

Again, this online gathering has been modified to support your current situation. Nearly everyone is having to make changes, due to the challenges right now. I wanted to give you real-time support, so that you don’t feel isolated or alone. We’ll get through this together.

Kind regards, Lorie


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