CALMFERENCE ROOM™ | Power, Creativity & Peak Performance Are Unleashed When You Learn How To Find A Calm, Relaxed Stride.

CALMFERENCE ROOM™ is designed for companies dedicated to providing stress management and health and wellness support for their employees. Stress and burnout are an epidemic for US, costing companies millions of dollars a year in lost revenue and productivity. Studies show that when a company invests in stress management and wellness programs, they get four times the return on investment.Here are some of the benefits:

  • Stronger company culture
  • Less sick days
  • Employee retention and talent acquisition
  • It shows the company cares

CALMEFRENCE ROOM™ is not a standard stress management class. It’s a proprietary mental mastery program designed to be an engaging, empowering and uplifting experience that leaves participants inspired and ready to implement what they’ve learned.

CALMFERENCE ROOM™ is designed to help your employees assess their stress levels, in order to manage and develop future prevention strategies, so they can feel more emotionally in control, focused and productive. They learn how to find their calm, relaxed stride

Tools and strategies are based in leading-edge science and will help your employees:
  • Assess their current level of stress to develop more self-control
  • Build emotional resilience for better social skills, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Develop a lifestyle program for self-care, in order to improve health and wellness.
  • Manage day-to-day stressors in order to make smarter choices, improve productivity and enhance creativity.


Individual support can be provided for executives. Contact Lorie to learn more.