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Lorie L Solay

Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP, Practitioner, Advanced Health Practitioner, CMT, CPD, Award-Winning Entrepreneur

My mission is to teach people how to harness the power of their mind to unlock their full potential.

Best Hypnotherapist 2017

– Oakland Magazine –

Today, I feel a deep reverence and joy for life. I feel so fortunate and grateful for my health, my family, my friends, my purpose, and all of the opportunities that lay before me. Life feels really magical, but it wasn’t always that way.

Just 9 years ago, my husband was suffering from a health crisis, our marriage was crumbling, we had two young boys, and we were in financial ruin.

I ended up in the ER twice, because I thought I was having a heart attack. The stress was eating me alive. I knew something had to change.

We all have needs. When we’re meeting our needs through supportive behavior we thrive, but when we’re meeting our needs through destructive behavior, our lives feel like a freight train out of control. My life was on that train careening out of control, and I had to confront that painful reality.

I knew a bright future was out there, even if the path wasn’t clear or smooth. I learned how to create from a place of wholeness and safety. I learned how to meet my needs. I learned how to prioritize what mattered most to me. My whole life got back on track. I could see beauty in all things again, through the eyes of love.

It’s quite a new adventure for me now, and I wouldn’t change the past. It’s made me who I am. In psychology, there’s a term called “Post Traumatic Growth.” For me, it means what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m now much stronger and wiser from my experiences, and I get to help others find their inner strength and wisdom. I’m so honored to be of service.

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I was manifesting some pretty fun stuff when I was skating and having fun in Golden Gate Park. I was chosen out of 75 finalists to chase down an ice cream truck through the streets of San Francisco. Wow…was that incredible!

Here I wrote my theme song, “Long Live Imagination!”

I wrote this song to help me process feelings from a very difficult childhood.

“Alberta Einstein” promotes me at a networking breakfast