Oakland, Ca-3 Ways to Create More Mental Wellness-Hypnotherapy, Eastbay, CA

Are you struggling to bring more ease and relaxation into your days? Do you find that you do great some days, while other days stress has gotten the best of you feel like you’re pushing a rock up a hill?

When a client seeks my support, I help them understand all aspects of mental wellness. I share that their mind/body/spirit is intimately connected to their over-all satisfaction in life. As we begin to explore together, we start with some of my favorite methods and philosophies. Let me share a few with you.

1. The Compound Effect: This simple formula (based on Darren Hardy’s book) helps my clients understand the power of repetition and consistency. The formula is: small, smart steps + consistently over time = major life transformation. I help my clients understand that their true power lies in their day to day decisions, and that they have the power to choose. Knowing and declaring their free will to choose is very empowering and begins to create healthy habits. 

2. Self- Care Wheel. Awareness is the precursor to change, and when my clients understand the self-care wheel, they feel more in control. The self-care wheel includes 6 quadrants, that when in balance, brings contentment, joy and ease. When my client begins paying attention to and cultivating all the quadrants, they feel mentally, physically and emotionally strong and resilient.

The 6 quadrants are:

1. Physical

2. Psychological

3. Emotional

4. Spiritual

5. Personal

6. Professional

3. Breathwork. The mind follows the breath and the breath follows the mind. Many people don’t know how to breath. That sounds a bit funny, because we’ve all been breathing since we were born. However, many people are shallow breathers and don’t know how to engage the diaphragm and the Vagus nerve. My clients learn how to properly breath, so they can quickly reset their nervous system. Managing the breath is a simple, yet powerful strategy that’s considered a part of “best practices” for optimum metal wellness.

Make a commitment to bring one, solid mental-wellness practice into your day. Because you know how the saying goes, “If we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything>”

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