10 Creative Ideas To Stay Sane During These Challenging Times-Stress Management, Life Coach, Oakland, Eastbay, CA

“We all have an unexpected reserve of strength inside us that emerges when life puts us to the test.” Isabelle Allende.

These are challenging times and most of us are having to shelter in place. You may feel like you’ve got cabin fever, unless you choose to take a different perspective and I want to share some to help you calm your nerves and outsmart stress and anxiety. Remember, your ability to change your perspective changes everything. 

I want to share a whimsical parable with you about perspective. “There was an old woman who lived in a village. The wise woman of the village was walking by her cottage one day. The old woman started to complain that her house was way too small. The wise woman said, go out into the pasture and bring in the cow. The old woman was confused, but did what she was told by the very wise woman. The next day, the wise woman came by and said, now bring in the goats. This went on for the week, until the old woman had all the farm animals inside her cottage. You can imagine how cramped it must have been. The next week, the wise woman came by and said, now…. let all the animals back out to pasture. The old woman was relieved and compiled immediately. With a huge sigh of relief and a happy dance, she exclaimed, my house feels so spacious!” As you’re dealing with very unusual times, it’s important to understand and learn how to use your super power of perspective. 

Here are some fun, creative ways to help you shift your perspective. 

  1. Learn something new. I’m sure you’ve got lots of things you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t had the time. There are so many wonderful tutorials on Youtube. Learn to draw, knit or cook a new recipe. Your brain loves to learn. 
  2. Go analog. I’m a huge fan of unplugging and this habit will save your sanity. Read a book. I’ve been reading books to my teenage boys that we used to read when they were kids. It’s so nostalgic. We love Velveteen Rabbit, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, The Mr. Putter and Tabby series, etc. Of course, we are huge LOTR and Harry Potter fans. We’ve also been listening to our favorites on Audible. 
  3. Do home repairs or decluttering. Again, most of us haven’t had the time to do basic repairs or deep cleaning, because of our busy lives. We’ll there’s so much time now and think how good it will feel to get it done. You’ll feel really accomplished. 
  4. Pull out those board games. This is another analog activity that will do more than pass the time. It’s playful and engaging. It’s a great way to deepen family connections. 
  5. Get moving. Dance and be playful. Choreograph and new dance. Find dance videos and learn their steps. 
  6. Stop moving. Create a sacred place to sit and relax. Use all the wonderful apps that are available to take up a meditation practice. 
  7. Emotion Bingo. Get acquainted with your emotions. Practice learning how to be more emotionally intelligent. There are lots of resources online where you can get visuals of emotional states. Here’s an example of an emotion chart.  Fun exercise. Print out the emojis and identify a few you may be feeling right now. Then, journal about them. As you learn that your emotions are communication, you can allow them to speak through journaling. Let them voice their concerns, fears, gratitude, resilience, strength, etc. This is a very compassionate way of dealing with the challenges of these uncertain times. You can also play the Emotion Bingo game with the emotion chart. This can help the whole family feel better through personal expression. 
  8. Create your own Ad Libs. This is another fun way to engage the family. The sillier the better. Not that creative, no worries. There are tons of templates online.
  9. Create an art wall. Display the arts and crafts that you and your family are dabbling in while you have tons of time on your hand. 
  10. Create a joke wall. Find jokes online or in books and slap them up on a wall for all to see. You can even practice laughter yoga where you all laugh for a minute and the one that goes the longest can win a silly prize. Laughter is a great way to all reset the nervous system to help combat stress. 

We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it together. 

Kind regards, Lorie

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